Why apply to be a Practice Makes Perfect Fellow?


In addition to helping narrow the achievement gap and making a difference in New York City’s high-need communities, the Practice Makes Perfect Teaching Fellowship offers you a myriad of career-leveraging benefits:

summer-forwardTeaching Fellows will receive ~45 hours of training in behavior management, lesson planning, data collection, cultural competency, differentiation, social-emotional
  learning, professionalism, conflict resolution and more

summer-forwardGet a realistic job preview of the teaching profession by teaching in our partner NYC public schools across the city

summer-forwardMake a difference in New York City’s communities and schools

summer-forwardReceive mentorship from an experienced certified teacher


summer-forwardGain invaluable and transferable skills in leadership, instructional strategies, problem-solving, lesson planning, relationship building, mentoring, communication, and public



summer-forwardJoin the PMP Alumni Network and receive access to opportunities for full-time employment with PMP

summer-forwardAttend professional development and luncheons led by Teach For America staff while learning about future job opportunities with TFA


summer-forwardAfter completion of the Fellowship receive access to potential teaching opportunities in PMP partner schools provided that you are certified or are soon to
   be certified as a teacher in New York

Where Are They Now?


Still not sold on whether or not PMP is the place for you? Read first-hand accounts from our former Teaching Fellows through our blog every Tuesday as they reflect on their summer experiences, or check out what some of our past Teaching Fellows are doing now, below, to see the true impact!

2016 Teaching Fellow
Taught at IS 392 in Brownsville, Brooklyn
Now completing his Masters in Sociology of Education at NYU

2016 Teaching Fellow
Taught at TYWLS BX

Now pursuing a PhD in American and African American Studies

2015 Teaching Fellow
Taught at C.S. 55 in the South Bronx
Now a Teach for America corps member teaching 11th grade in Boston

2014/2015 Teaching Fellow
Taught at J.H.S 008 & I.S. 392
Now a Project Associate in the Office of Renewal Schools at the NYC Department of Education 

2016 Teaching Fellow
Taught 4th grade at P.S. 1 in the Bronx
Now teaching in an ICT classroom in District 10 as a lead teacher

2015/2016 Teaching Fellow
Taught at TYWLS BX & Highbridge Green
Now teaching math at The Highbridge Green School in the Bronx