Practice Makes Perfect is a full-service summer school operator that drives student outcomes using an innovative near-peer mentorship model



Allow PMP to take care of your summer needs:


Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) works closely with principals and teachers to provide customized direct support to students, school staff, and parents throughout the year. With a team of education experts, PMP uses year-round school-collected data to tailor a summer program that directly meets the needs of selected PMP students.

1. Planning and Logistics

Putting on an effective summer program requires months of planning, and we understand our partners have limited capacity to plan for summer during the school year. PMP coordinates with the school administration to target students who need both remedial and enrichment support over the summer. PMP staff is responsible for student enrollment, parent outreach, recruitment, teacher placement, as well as the logistical operation of the program from start to finish. PMP strives to uphold the promise of a full-service partnership.

2. Data-Driven Results

It is important for our partners to see student growth during the course of the program. Weekly mastery trackers will gauge the progress of students. That data will be used to tailor lesson plans for the upcoming weeks in order to maximize academic outcomes. At the end of the program a detailed data package will be provided to our partner principals highlighting growth, student qualitative summaries, and attendance rates.

3. Year-Round Support

PMP works with partners year round to provide support to students, staff, and families. We customize the services based on our partners’ needs in order to drive annual academic outcomes.

4. Leadership Development

PMP’s team of experienced educators will provide support to PMP teaching staff throughout the summer. Professional development sessions geared toward improvement in instructional delivery, lesson planning, and data analysis will be held in the PMP offices every Friday during the summer. PMP Program Managers and Program Coordinators will hold regular meetings with teachers throughout the program to give feedback and support.

5. Curriculum and Instruction

PMP creates a customized summer curriculum designed to address the needs of the students enrolled in the program. Each program focuses on up to 6 Common Core standards, total, in Math and ELA. Partners will work directly with PMP Program Managers to use data from the school year to tailor the program. Before the start of the program, partners will approve the summer curriculum in order to ensure alignment to content and rigor.

6. Family and Community Engagement

A healthy community environment is essential to the development of a child. PMP engages with parents before and during the summer program by hosting parent workshops, attending parent teacher conferences, and building relationships with parent coordinators. In addition to building relationships, we also promote “giving while living” within our programs and hold at least one community service project per site.

PMP partners with schools to design, develop, and implement effective summer learning programs to drive academic outcomes of students throughout the year.



PMP prides itself on its professionalism, full-service mentality, and its ability to drive programmatic outcomes. If PMP were to fall short of these brand promises, our partners will receive 50% off the following years’ program. The following program indicators will be regarded as benchmarks to ensure PMP has hit its programmatic goals:


Both scholars and parents will have an average of 85% satisfaction on the PMP program.


Each site will have an average of 80% or higher on attendance.


80% of scholars will make gains towards mastery of the standards chosen during the PMP program.

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