Frequently Asked Questions


Is housing provided?

We do not provide housing for our Teaching Fellows. We suggest searching for short- term housing in NYC using Airbnb, Craigslist, or student/ intern housing websites once you receive and accept your offer letter. Once we finalize the 2017 cohort, we will also connect Fellows who may want to find housing together.

Are Fellows given preferences for which school partner site they want to work at? School location? Grade level?

Our biggest priority is matching our partner schools with the Fellows that will best fit their needs including the school culture, previous experience, and/or language specifications. That being said, PMP does take into consideration Fellows’ preferences for grade and location throughout the selection process. If location is a pain point for you, please let our team know during the application process.

Are Teaching Fellows paid for overtime work? Training? Pre-work?

Similar to the teaching profession, Teaching Fellows are responsible for planning outside of “work hours” including lesson planning, parent engagement, and site-specific logistics for events and activities. That being said, Fellows do receive an $825 stipend for training and pre-program work in addition to their hourly wage.

Do I have to be an education major, have teaching experience, or want to become a teacher?

While it is not required to have prior teaching experience, PMP gives preference to applicants who have student teaching experience, experience working with children, and/ or are pursuing a degree in education or a related field. Most importantly, we are looking for applicants who demonstrate the potential and determination to succeed in the classroom, and are passionate about our mission.

What are the dates of the summer program?

Programs will start in the beginning of July and will run through the first or second week of August depending on program length. Final start and end dates will be confirmed by end of February, early March.

Am I eligible to apply if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

Yes, non-U.S. citizens are eligible to apply provided that you have a student visa and have completed at least one year of study in the U.S., or have a J-1 visa.

What is the deadline to apply for the Fellowship?

The deadline to apply for the Teaching Fellowship is March 6, 2017.

When will I be notified of whether or not I was accepted?

Final decisions are made on March 31, 2017. However, we do begin reviewing applications earlier than the March 6th deadline and will reach out to candidates we accept to move to Rounds 2 and 3 as we receive applications. It is possible for you to complete all three rounds and receive an offer letter before March 31.

When are school placements given out?

School placements are sent out on May 1.

Are Metrocards and travel expenses provided?

Fellows are responsible for their own travel expenses. We suggest Fellows buy a monthly unlimited Metrocard for $116.50.

What do home visits entail?

Home visits take place before the start of the summer program and are an integral part of our program. Fellows will either visit the scholars’ homes, a local park/coffee shop, or speak via phone to the families. Home visits provide Fellows the opportunity to learn more about their scholars and their families and build a relationship prior to the start of the program. It also provides Fellows with insight about the community they are working in. Home visits also give scholars and their families the opportunity to learn more about their Teaching Fellow so that they feel more comfortable on the first day of the program as well. 

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