About Us


What We Do

Practice Makes Perfect provides enriching summer learning experiences for students grades k-12.

Our organization narrows the achievement gap in low-income U.S. neighborhoods through a “peer-to-peer” model. We match high-achieving older students with younger elementary and middle school students from the same neighborhoods. Under the guidance of trained college interns, we foster leadership, collaboration, and academic excellence in a six-week, full-day academic experience.                                                                                              .

“Practice Makes Perfect could be the future of the way teaching is done. Younger students teaching even younger students because they can relate to them better.”– Velmanette Montgomery, New York State Senator, 18th District


One day summer school will be replaced by Practice Makes Perfect programs in financially constrained neighborhoods across the nation.


Redefine the summer learning experience for underprivileged students.


A Solvable Problem

The loss of academic skills over the course of summer costs our economy between $310-$525 billion each year when educators re-teach material. Summer learning loss is more difficult for low-income students who often lag farther behind. Summer learning programs like Practice Makes Perfect helps ameliorate this discrepancy.

Our Solution

Practice Makes Perfect works to provide all students with an equal chance at achieving the American Dream.

Summer Enrichment for Struggling Learners

Our Common Core-aligned curriculum focuses on targeted skill development and exercises to ensure mastery of concepts. With thousands of common core aligned problems, our curriculum translates the objectives into easy-to-accomplish goals. During the summer, struggling learners rebuild their academic confidence and appreciation through friendly relationships with ambitious mentors.

College Prep and Leadership for High Achieving Learners

Higher achieving middle and high school students receive career and college readiness training. Students are provided with a stipend and leadership development. Every student receives 70+ hours of college-going support, test preparation for standardized exams, guidance on personal statement writing and applying for financial aid and scholarships. During the week, our leaders tutor younger struggling learners. On weekends, they participate in community service projects within their neighborhoods with local volunteers.

Professional Experience and Teaching Exposure in High-Need Environments

College students gain hands-on teaching experience, leadership development, and first-hand perspective teaching inner-city youth for six weeks. The time spent in the classroom allows them to make an informed decision as to whether they would like to teach as a career.